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Ever since established, our company has taken the initiative in localizing and developing of special welder such as ARC WELDER, AUTOWELDER SYSTEM, and with the invent of our own brand 'Zeus Power', we are constantly changing ourselves with the endless technical innovation and intention of creation, and to attain our customer's satisfaction, we are trying our best to provide the up-to-date products and quality service, with the basis of accumulated technology and abundant experiences.

These days, whatever their achievement in the past, our industry's common goal is to attain the qulity enough to satisfy customers. To fulfill this goal, high technology innovation based on quality management system is required. Upon the request of the time, our industry is doing our best to develop the comprehensive welding technology to meet the various of customer.

DAE HONG MECHATRONICS CO. is coping with the changing business envionment actively and efficiently at the ready to high tech industry, and under the motor of "Concord and Solidrity, Originality and Effort, Faith and Public service", we are struggling to taking off to the global leading company, and all of our executives and staffs is doing their best to perform a perfect quality management and service and R&D to pioneer the future of welding industry and to be the foundation stone of our national economy and the advanced nation with you 'our customers'.

Allow me to thank you for the concern and care you consistently made for us. We would hope that you will extend the constant cooperation to us.